Typically students attending one 30-60 minute class per week will perform ONE dance in ONE recital. Our Recreational Drama classes will perform one scene or musical theater number. If you are in a combo class the studio will decide which subject the class will perform based on the needs of the script and to provide a variety of subjects in the show. Students in classes that meet 75-90 min of class per week will perform 2 dances in one show. Company students will perform 2 dance subjects, a dramatic scene, and a musical number in multiple recitals.


To view a picture of your costume -  Click on your class below. (Pictures will be posted by the End of December) 


Costume Week is Typically the last (or second to last) class of the season. The dates are posted on our studio calendar. We will try costumes on during class and invite parents in for the last 15 Min of class the last week of class to watch us practice the recital routine. We will also give costume/hair instructions. Costumes will go home at the end of class. (All balances, including all tuition and any outstanding LATE fees from the season must be paid in order to receive costumes.)


Costume sizing is tricky business!! We order from various costume vendors each with different size ranges and fit. If you have ever ordered clothing online, you know how hard it is to get a perfect fit without being able to try items on. However, we take great care to try to get the best fit possible! All students were measured for costumes at the start of the season. To account for growth, a 2 inch allowance was added for young students, 1 inch was added for older dancers. When in question, we always order up to the larger size (a big costume can be taken in) When you get your costume, be sure to try it on at home immediately. Most costumes will fit well, on occasion shoulder straps or waist bands may need to be taken in. On the rare occasion, your costume needs more adjustment, you may need to bring to a seamstress for alterations.


To avoid unladylike pantylines or Underoos hanging out under your tutu onstage, dancers should forgo regular underwear when wearing a costume (tights serve the same hygenic purpose) Every student will receive ONE pair of new tights for the recital.  You may want to purchase an extra pair so you have a back up pair. Extra tights can be ordered in the office  (order by end of March). If you want different size tights than you received, bring your unopened pack to the office and IF available we will swap them. Order extra tights at the studio by the end of March to revive in time.



Purchase a Tan camisoles For your Dancer! Especially for Students With:

* sensitive skin (sometimes costumes are scratchy!)

* costume changes – students with costume changes are REQUIRED to wear a tan leotard under their costume. There are no private “dressing rooms” At the theater. Students with costume changes must do so in the large co-ed waiting rooms backstage. This camisole makes costume changes a breeze!

* Support. Developing dancers should look for a camisole that has a built in bra. Students who need Extra support should invest in a nude Sports bra with nude or clear straps to wear under the camisole.

ORDER ON AMAZON: We like this one (CLICK HERE) but if you simply search “Tan Camisole leotard” you will see many options.


ORDER AT THE STUDIO: you can Order one at the studio by MARCH 1 to get in time for the recital. We suggest ordering your current leotard size  (do not order up a size) camisoles that are too big will bunch and show under your costume.


When you bring home your costume, hang it in a safe place. Do not play in it! We cannot order another one should yours become damaged. A few days before recital weekend, take out your costume and see if it needs attention. If you have a tutu, you should carefully hang it upside down and either use a garment steamer or hang in the bathroom and let the shower steam get the wrinkles out. After it steams upside down, flip it over and steam the top side. NEVER iron or wash your costume! Never eat or drink (except water) while wearing your costume!


Parents are responsible for getting their child completely ready at home  before they arrive at the theater. You will need to get dressed in your costume AT HOME as well as have your recital make up and Hair (bun) done before you arrive. We suggest wearing a bathrobe over your costume while getting ready and driving to the theater.