“Labor of Love” Theater productions is BAC’s community based theater program that produces large scale FAMILY musicals for kids, teens and the young at heart! These productions are open to ANYONE in the community who would like to Audition!  To keep fees as low as possible, cast members / families are asked to Contribute thru “sweat Equity” to the production by volunteering or fund raising. By working together with our talented, Professional production staff our shows truly are a “Labor of Love”!





HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO PARTICIPATE?  There are many expenses involved in putting on a show. Many people don’t realize that theater groups must secure performance rights/royalties to produce a show - these run $1200+ for most musicals. Then we need a stage to perform on (a 4-day rental will cost $4500+ for a large theater). Additionally, there is rent & utilities for Rehearsal space, insurance, equipment, sets, props, scripts, programs, and wages. Ticket proceeds alone are not enough to cover these expenses. Therefor, a modest participation fee is required ( ranging from $25-$150 depending on the production) Additionally cast members/parents will contribute "sweat equity" by volunteering for jobs such as: working concessions, fund raisers, obtaining program ads, donating materials / costumes/ props, promoting ticket sales, and volunteering to build sets, sew costumes, wrangle kids, work crew, usher or collect tickets.

HOW IS THIS PRODUCTION DIFFERENT THAN OTHER BAC PROGRAMS? Labor of a Love productions are completely separate from the BAC classes and camps. The LOL productions are open to ANYONE in the community that would like to audition (not just BAC students). LOL productions require an AUDITION  to participate. Not everyone who auditions will be cast. (And not everyone cast will have a speaking part) . Cast members provide their own costumes and contribute in some way to the production as described above. 

WHAT IS THE TIME COMMITMENT? Rehearsals are generally held Mon-Thur between 4:00-9:00. Once the show is cast a rehearsal schedule will be set - You will NOT be needed every day or the entire rehearsal time - but It is imperative you attend the rehearsal times you are scheduled for. In additon to rehearsals , Cast members are expected to work at home; memorizing lines/lyrics or and/or practicing music and choreography. We may be able to work around minor conflicts, but to be considered for a large part you must be widely available. On the audition sheet, you will need to list any and all conflicts you have. You will need to bring this to the audition. After auditions, we will compile a rehearsal schedule and email it to the cast.

HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE?  Once audition dates are announced - Simply REGISTER ONLINE to attend the audition. You will need to create a free account and request the audition time for your age (it will be listed as a "class" ) You will need a valid credit card to create the account. If you are cast in the show, your card will automatically be charged the production fee after auditions. (If you are NOT cast your card will NOT be charged) Production fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  If you audition and are cast, you are expected to participate in whatever role you are given (big or small) with enthusiasm and to the best of your ability. Refunds are not awarded if you withdraw for any reason.  We also ask that you print and fill out the audition sheet and conflict calendar and bring it with you to the audition.


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