Tuition & Fees

Registration Fees

A $25 non-refundable registration fee (per student) is due upon registration and required to hold your placement. To REGISTER ONLINE Simply, create your account  and request a class! (be sure to read class schedule and requirements on our website beforehand)  A valid credit card is required. Once your account is processed and approved your card will be charged a non-refundable $25 Registration fee. You will be sent a receipt and conformation email when your registration is complete! Then You will need to attend OPEN HOUSE to order your class uniform and pick up an information packet. Payments can be made by mailing or dropping a check off to:

Broadway Arts Center

122 Washington St #5

Jefferson Ga 30549

Uniform Fees

All students in our full-season programs are required to have a Class Uniform provided by the studio. These items are what you wear to class each week (leotard, tights, dance shoes). See Dress Code for more information. Your Uniform fee will range from $65-$150 depending on how many subjects you take. Many students are able to get 2 seasons out of their class uniforms! Uniforms are fitted and ordered at our Open House. Ask us about our FREE TRADE PROGRAM for gently used uniforms!

Tuition (Full Season Classes)


Your tuition includes:

  • Full season of classes* (Sept -May)
  • Recital Costume(s)
  • 1 Pair Performance Tights
  • 1 Dress Rehearsal Pass
  • 4 Recital Tickets per family (extra tickets can be purchased!)

*Tuition is based on meeting *once a week from Sept-May (counting all classes, rehearsals & performances) *All holidays, breaks & 2 emergency days for bad weather have been deducted from tuition. All tuition is non-refundable.

NO EXTRA FEES! Recital costumes, tights & tickets are all included!

Compare Apples to Apples! (or tutus to tutus!) Be aware of dance programs that charge low “Monthly” rates.  While the rate may seem like a bargain, usually there are hidden fees attached. Including expensive costume fees (some up to $75 each costume!!),plus additional performance fees, ticket charges, and so on (all this on top of your  registration fees and 9-10 monthly bills)

At Broadway Art Center there are NO HIDDEN FEES!  We INCLUDE all your costumes, tights and even 4 FREE recital tickets in your tuition! When you compare the total costs, you will find that we offer the best overall value around for top quality education (not to mention the BEST RECITALS! See our show page for details!)



Choose from 3 different payment plans:

Discount Payment Plan  (4 Installments) 

The Discount Plan is a reduced tuition rate paid in 4 consecutive installments due: Sept-Dec collected the 1st-15th of each month. The rates in this plan incorporate a $40 discount over the “Extended Plan”, since it requires half the record keeping and administrative expense.

Extended Payment Plan (8 Installments)

The Extended Plan is a full price plan paid in 8 consecutive installments due: Sept-April collected the 1st-15th of each month. Extended Plan rates are $40 Higher than our Discount Plan (above) as it requires twice the record keeping and administrative expenses.

Full Season Payment Plan (1 Installment) 

Pay you entire seasons tuition in one installment due the first week of class.  To calculate the price, simply multiply the amount listed for your class hours on the “discount plan” by 4 (the discount is the same for both plans)



BAC offers deep discounts for siblings and/or students who take more than one class per week!  These discounts apply to either payment plan you choose! To find your rate: Simply add up the total hrs/min of your classes each week and find your rate on the chart below.   In most cases it adds up to over $200 in saving over the coarse of the season! WOW!  The more classes you take the bigger your discount is!

SIBLING / MULTI-CLASS  TICKETS: These very generous discounts are based on the student/siblings receiving ONE set of  free tickets.  If you choose to sign up for classes in multiple shows please note that you will receive 4 free ticket to your first show, but will need to purchase  your own tickets to the addition performance. This is the only way we can afford to pay the Theater rental and performance expenses while still continuing to offer these incredible discounted rates.  Thank you!!



To calculate your Tuition Rate, check the CLASS SCHEDULEto determine how many minutes your class is, then refer to the chart below to see the coordinated amount. Families with multiple children /classes simply add up all your minutes/hours to find your discounted rate on the chart.

Price Includes: All Classes, Recital Costumes/Tights, 1 Rehearsal Pass, 4 Complimentary Show Tickets *per Family (not per class)


Extended Plan

Discount Plan
Min/Hr                          Included Per Family                  *Costumes

8 Installments of:

4 Installments of:
30 Min                      1 Costume $65 $120
45 Min                      1 Costume $75 $140
1 Hour                      1 Costume  $85 $160
1 hr 15 Min           1-2 Costumes  $110  $210
1 hr 30 Min           1-2 Costumes  $120  $230
1 hr 45 Min           1-2 Costumes  $125  $240
2 hours                 1-2 Costumes $130 $250
2 hrs 15 Min          1-2 Costumes  $135  $260
2 hrs 30 Min          2-3 Costumes  $140   $270
2 hrs 45 Min          2-3 Costumes $145   $280
3 Hours                2-3 Costumes  $150  $290
3 hr 15 Min           2-3 Costumes  $155  $300
3 hr 30 Min           2-3 Costumes  $160  $310
3 hr 45 Min           2-3 Costumes  $165  $320
4 hours                 2-4 Costumes $170  $330
4 hr 15 Min           2-4 Costumes    $175  $340
4 hr 30 Min           2-4 Costumes  $180   $350
4 hr 45 Min           2-4 Costumes  $185   $360
5 Hours                2-5 Costumes  $190  $370
5 hr 15 Min           2-5 Costumes  $195  $380
5 hr 30 Min           2-5 Costumes $200  $390
5 hr 45 Min           2-5 Costumes $205 $400
6 hours                 2-6 Costumes  $210  $410

* The number of costumes included depends on the class and the number of children taking classes in the family.  Most 30-60 minute classes (except technique classes) perform 1 dance in the recital And tuition includes 1 costume. Longer classes (75-90 min) will perform 2 dances and 2 costumes are included.


6-Week Mini Classes!     FLAT RATE: $65 (6 weeks)

Our 6-week mini classes are a great way to try a dance class without a long term commitment!  Mini Classes run in Oct, Jan, March and June.  These prices reflect all expenses (no additional Fees)   The non-refundable tuition is due upon registration. Students may wear any style/color leotard, Tights and Ballet Shoes.


Last Updated: Thursday, June 24th, 2010