Dress Code

Just as a football player or cheerleader wears a uniform, our dancers also require a special uniform to wear to class. This promotes class unity as well as sets the tone of our learning environment. Depending on the class, students in our “Full Season” program will need a specific color/style leotard, tights, and proper dance shoes. For your convienience, and to avoid discrepencies in color/style, all dance attire and shoes are provided by Broadway Arts Center. All required items are included in your Uniform Fee. Please see Tuition & Fees for details. Our uniforms are very comfortable and high quality. Many students are able to wear their uniforms for 2 seasons! Full season students will be fitted for uniforms during our OPEN HOUSE in the summer . Please contact the studio to arrange for a fitting if you cannot attend  or if you are registering at other times of the year. For more information see the Parent Handbook. Students in our “6-week Mini Classes” may wear any style/color leotard, tights and ballet shoes which may be purchased outside the studio or we’d be happy to order items for you.

Also remember to:

* Remove all jewelry or distracting clothing before class.

* All long hair should be pulled up in a bun or ponytail.

* NO CHEWING GUM, cough drops or food of any kind.

* Proper attire and shoes are REQUIRED for class.

* Use the restroom before class.


Last Updated: Thursday, June 24th, 2010