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    Tuesday, July 5th, 2016





    Company classes are ADVANCED PLACEMENT classes for serious and exceptional dance students in grade 3-12 who posess a combination of natural ability (flexibility, rhythm, poise, personality) as well as focus, commitment, confidence and an unbreakable passion for dance and performance. Company classes require a much bigger commitment both finanically and timewise from students and parents than a typical recreational class. Company students train between 3-5 hours a week in Ballet, Lyrical, Tap, Jazz , Drama and Technique. To be considered for a company level you must be a dynamic performer, have strong skills, flexibility, proper technique, a positive attitude, and exemplary class behavior. Students must have demonstrated a superb attendance record last season and came to class on time: focused and prepared to work in mind, body and spirit each week. Aspiring company members must agree to the general requirements below, and attend an audition to demonstrate you have mastered the skill requirements listed for your age level. Please See the List Below for Requirements and audition information.


    AUDITION FEE : $25 (*non-registered students)

    The non-refundable fee is due upon entering audition.

    Scroll down for audition time and requirements for each company

    *This fee is Waived if you Pre-Registered for Fall by July 30 (Paid Registration fee) 

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    BEFORE YOU AUDITION: Check the REQUIREMENTS listed below for each Company to see if you may qualify. You must be available to attend the class times listed for that company and agree to the GENERAL COMPANY REQUIREMENTS listed below on this page.

    WHAT TO WEAR / BRING Please dress in a plain solid colored leotard, tights and ballet or Jazz shoes. You may wear compression shorts – NO SKIRTS, NO T-SHIRTS Hair should be in a bun. Points will be deducted for inappropriate dress. Please bring water.



    While our typical Recreational dance classes are designed to be FUN – company classes are meant for students who want to dance beyond the “fun” part. While Company students still have fun, they also work HARD they are expected to give 100% and keep a positive attitude – even when its hard – even when hurts – even when its not “fun”. They have to LOVE it or they will burn out. Beyond loving it, They need to have a strong work ethic, natural talent, flexibility, a positive attitude, attention to detail and a desire for excellence. We are looking for students who will make Dance a priority over all other activities, and are committed to remaining in the company thru High school Gradutation.


    • How often do you practice at home? If your dancer stretches regularly at home and has her split/Heel stretch and spends her spare time practicing – you should consider auditioning! If your dancer is not stretching and practicing regularly at home they should remain in a recreational class.
    • Did you take a full season of Technique Class LAST season? Technique class provides a deeper level of training, it helps students learn how to perform skills with increased an acute accuracy. Technique classes are rigorous and intensive. These skills need to be practiced continually, consistently and currently to see progress. We see a big difference in kids who attend technique classes  regularly. We highly recommend aspiring company students attend at least one season of Tech classes before auditioning.
    • Are you willing to give up other sports/activities? Company dancers MUST make dance a priority over all other extra-curricular activities. Company students may only miss 3 classes all season. Company students are expected to participate in all extra events that arise: parade, festivals,etc.. If your dancer participates in a lot of other activities they may not have the time commitment needed for company and would be best to continue in a recreational class.
    • How Long Do Plan to Dance? We want to make sure we are investing in students who are in it for the long hall. We are looking for students who plan to dance with us thru high school graduation. If dance is a passing hobby that you may give up when you make middle or high School cheer, sports, band or another activity then company is not for you.
    • Why do you want to be in company? If the answer is “to be in my Friends class ” or “because i want a lead role in recital” then you should hold off auditioning and re-evaluate after taking a season or 2 of technique class – because while those short term goals are understandable they are not enough to sustain the long term commitment, intensive training and dedication needed to become an advanced dancer.



    Keep in mind – DANCE is an important and worthwhile extracurricular activity regardless of what “level” or type of Class you are in – the benefits and joys of dance to your mind, body and spirit are the same weather you dance in a recreational class or company class!



    image1. A Strong Love and Passion for Dance!
    2. Physically fit . Company classes require endurance, members must be in shape to do what is required of them.

    3. Must be Willing to make DANCE a priority over all other social and extra curricular activities
    4. Serious Work Ethic: Stay focussed & motivated for 3-5 hrs of training a week
    5. Strict Attendance: Studio must be notified ahead of all absences. Missing more than 3 classes will endanger your placement (unless a Doctors note or special permission is obtained)
    6. Be prepared and responsible: arrive on time in proper uniform with hair up, keep track of dance shoes, scripts, props, etc..
    7.  Extra performances! Company members will dance in more than one recital. Families are responsible for tickets to any additional shows (4 free are provided for 1 show only) Company members are also expected to attend any extra performances that arise (Parade, festivals etc) additional rehearsals or purchase of inexpensive costume/accessory pieces may be required.
    8. Must have a positive “can do!” attitude and be supportive, helpful, kind and respectful to all classmates, teachers and be a positive role model to all other dance students.




    Premiere is for students in Grade 3-12. All Students (regardless of Age) will start and remain in the premiere level until they acquire and master the required skills, proper techniques, facial expressions, commitment, work ethic and class behavior before being considered for the next level. Keep in mind you do not need all the elements  listed, but Students do need a split (left or right) and heel stretch (right /left) and  pirouette (right or left) to be considered for company Classes.

    PREMIERE COMPANY TRAINS:  Tues 7:00-8:30 AND Thurs 4:45-6:15


    1. i-j2dnN6v-MTrained in BALLET, TAP & JAZZ
    2. Completed full season of Technique Class Last season
    3. *Split (Right/ Left) *required
    4. *Heel Stretch (Right/left) And able to balance for 8 counts *required
    5. Battement: (kick) Over 90 degrees with proper technique
    6. Grande Jete (Leaps): proper arms/legs, pointed toes
    7. Tour Jete: Basic Concept straight legs, pointed toes
    8. Chains Turns: maintain spot, releve, & proper arms.
    9. *Single Pirouette: (Right & Left) Basic concept correct leg/direction *required
    10. Good sense of rhythm and knows how to count music
    11. Demonstrates confidance, poise, balance, coordination, strong movements, and facial expressions when performing
    12. Learn steps quickly and remember them without watching teacher
    13. Accept and apply corrections from teacher
    14. Proper Body Alignment & foot placement (NO SICKLING!)
    15. Class Behavior: Must have demonstrated the following in class last season:
      Was Focused and Attentive (did not talk, socialize, goof or engage in disruptive behavior )
    16. Maintained a Positive attitude (did not whine, complain, eye roll or Sass talk)
    17. Was Prepared and ready to work (arrived on time, had proper shoes/uniform and hair up)
    18. Had an exemplary attendance record for all classes and participated in extra studio events (etc: parade, summer programs)
    19. Physically fit. Members must be in shape to keep up with the rigors of company classes



    ENCORE COMPANY (Gr 6-12) 

    Encore company is our next level company class. Students must be in at least 6th gradeand have previously trained in the premiere company to be considered. Students will remain in the Encore level (regardless of age) unless or until they acquire and master the required skills and demonstrate proper technique, commitment and class behavior before being considered for the Senior company.

    ENCORE COMPANY TRAINS: Mon 6:00-8:30 AND Wed 5:00-6:30


    1. imageCurrent training in Ballet/tap/ Jazz
    2. Full Season Technique Class
    3. Splits (Right/Left) preference to those with both
    4. RIGHT Heel Stretch, balance for 8cts (preference to those with both)
    5. Battement: (kick) shoulder high with proper technique
    6. Grande Jete from chasse, proper form, good height
    7. Tour Jete: straight legs, pointed toes, good height
    8. Chaine  Turns: maintain spot, releve, arms, in time with music
    9. Single / Double Pirouette: Right/Left. (ballet &jazz) proper form and clean landing.
    10. Pique Turn: spot, proper passe (No Sickling!)
    11. Must have good sense of rhythm and musicality
    12. Confidence, poise, strong quality of movement (energy!)
    13. Dynamic emotional facial expressions when performing
    14. Learn steps quickly, remembers them without watching others
    15. Knowledge of vocabulary: can demonstrate steps from verbal commands
    16. Accept and apply corrections from teacher without excuses
    17. Use and Knowledge of proper foot placement and body alignment
    18. Class Behavior: Must have demonstrated the following in class last season: Was Focused and Attentive (does not use class time to socialize or goof around) Maintained a Positive attitude, Was Prepared, On time, dressed appropriately and ready to work
    19. Had an exemplary attendance record for all classes
    20. Physically fit. Members must be in shape to keep up with the rigors of company classes


    SENIOR COMPANY (Gr 9-12) 

    Senior Company is reserved for our most advanced high school dancers. (Eighth graders will only be considered if extra spots are available in the company) Strong candidates for this company have been approved by our staff to be “en pointe” and have received some training “en Pointe” . In addition to demonstrating proper technique and class behavior, they must be dynamic and confident performers. Additionally they must be good role models by following and reinforcing studio rules, having a positive attitude, and showing enthusiasm and support to thier fellow company members and encouragement to all recreational dancers in and outside of the studio.

    SENIOR COMPANY TRAINS: Mon 6:00-9:00 and Thur 7:30-9:00

    1. Current training in Ballet, Tap, Jazz
    2. Has been approved and Trained “En Pointe”
    3. BOTH Splits Right, Left
    4. BOTH Heel Stretch (Right and Left)
    5. Battement: shoulder high with proper technique
    6. JUMPS: Grande Jete , Tour Jete, Stag Leap, Side Leap, Toe Touch,Russian
    7. TURNS: chaine, Pique, double Pirouette, Fouette turns
    8. ALSO: Fan Kick, Shoulder Roll, Illusions
    9. Must have good sense of rhythm and musicality
    10. Dynamic performer with strong quality of movement and facial expressions
    11. Learn steps quickly and remembers them
    12. Knowledge of vocabulary: can demonstrate steps from verbal commands
    13. Use and Knowledge of proper foot placement and body alignment and be able to apply it in all movements
    14. Accept and apply corrections from teacher
    15. Demonstrate leadership qualities, refrains from socializing in class, holds an excellent attendance record, participates extra BAC functions, shows humility and role modeling to younger dancers.
    16. Physically fit. Members must be in shape to keep up with the rigors of company classes